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Clubhouse for street kids in Nishni Tagil celebrates 16 years

„Crunchy snow, brilliant white Taiga forests and the crisp blue sky!“ – those are the impressions of beauty within the icy temperatures of     –36°C in the region around Nishni Tagil and Verchnaya Salda, where a team visited partner churches and humanitarian projects around Christmas. Spending time with the children and workers from the clubs for street kids in the area, listening to their stories and seeing their faces gleaming with gratitude always turns out to be an extraordinary blessing. The clubhouse has now been there for just over 16 years and yet again the tireless workers are finding new ways to engage the children and develop their potential. So last summer they rehearsed and performed their first Songline Musical. A great success, especially for the kids! Plans are already in the making for new Songline season in 2017. 
Gratefully we look back on all the different aspects of our work there… countless children, receiving hope, love and encouragement; the social workers pouring their heart and soul into these kids; and our staff, who oversee, guide and visit these projects. Beginning this year, Daniele from our team in Switzerland will take on the Kids Sponsorship Program and continue to expand it.

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