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Loyalty of elders sows growth and hope for youth

An encouraging story is the one of pastor Ludmilla in Schalakuscha (Region Archangelsk, Russia), who has been investing in the people there for years with her messages, prayers and even her culinary talents. She was blessed to be able to send her daughter Svetlana into a neighboring town (Plessezk) as a missionary with her husband.
Now the blessing continues as Ludmilla’s other daughter, Natasha, has grown into a love for children and is strengthening the church in Schalakuscha in her own way. Together with husband Leonid she is caring not only for her own 3 children, but also taking in several others – not only filling her house with new life, but also the lives of the children with new perspective. Vision Ost is grateful to provide support and encouragement on this journey.

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