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Open ears and hearts in Myanmar

Myanmar as a country is predominantly Buddhist, however, all through December these barriers fall and all attention tends to fall on the Christmas event. „Every single person in Myanmar has an interest in the Christmas story and celebration.“ Vision Ost country director Khaihmo tells us. Of course this also always presents an incredible opportunity to our our staff in all of our local churches and other projects to tell the story of Jesus and present the gospel of Christ. Last December a team, led by Khaihmo’s wife MaiMai, went on a trip to visit the more rural villages in order to meet this open curiosity and tell the people about God. Everyone was invited and many came to the special Christmas dinner celebration. They listened expectantly as the team told about Jesus and the path from sin to saving redemption. Some accepted Jesus as a result and were baptized. 
One young boy, who was forbidden to believe by his parents, still chose to take the step. He was baptized knowing well that he may be cast out of the family for doing so. He said: „I believe in Jesus and have accepted him as my savior. He is always so kind to me. I will be baptized in his name even if everyone leaves me. Jesus will accept me and pull me close to himself.“


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