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Their service continues in a new city

After Denis and Natasha met as drug addicts, God changed their lives. Together both came to faith in the rehab center of Pavlovo in Russia. Their liberation from addiction, however, was only the beginning. Both began helping and working in the center, worked on a biblical education and eventually became the leaders of the rehab center.

Now they are taking another courageous step and are further discovering the worth and purpose God has placed in them. 300 kilometers away, in Rjasan, they are beginning to write a new chapter. Last September they moved to this new city in order to realize a brand new rehab facility as a way to meet the need of the many alcohol and drug addicted people who live in the area. They want to provide the possibility for a new start and for hope. Their vision also includes a new church plant for Rjasan. God has placed this city on their hearts. Vision Ost supports and guides projects like this one as part of the greater vision to meet the need of people spiritually and socially.

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