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Warm Hearts in the far North

Russia’s barren Tundra feels like winter, even in early October. The rough wilderness around Vorkuta in the Komi Republic (Russia) is where pastor Anatoli lives his calling. The retiree has committed to fill the church and rehab center in Vorkuta with his heart-warming way of life. The work here is focused around male addicts and alcoholics who often enter somewhat confused and lost when they are taken in by Anatoli. The presence of God is evident and palpable here and healing is a perspective within reach. Andrej is one example of this. He came in an alcoholic but has experienced complete healing through God’s spirit. Not only that, but he also was able to start over and is now the new director of the rehab center.  Andrej thanks God for also answering his prayers for a wife. He and Lydia, as well as Anatoli and wife Valeria are very touched and almost in disbelief that people in Switzerland and Germany care for and think of them.

A collection initiative coming up is meant to meet the need for winter shoes and clothing at the church and rehab center Vorkuta. If you want more information or have a question about this initiative, contact us HERE.


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