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We Develop Leaders

An ongoing theme in our work is again and again the matter of how we can continuously support our leaders and help them grow in their leadership. This past fall we were able to summon a team of our burmese pastors and missionaries from their respective areas for a 3-months intensive Seminary. Thanks to several of our staff and leaders with extensive education we could offer a well qualified faculty for our students and even had some international help on the team. The 18 students were able to extend their theological and missional knowledge and also attended the Global Leadership Summit from Willow Creek, which took place in Yangon in September. This event is compiled of 2 days of inspiring presentations by some of the world’s most innovative and best leaders.

Overall, this pilot project of a 3-months Seminary in Yangon was quite successful. Encouragement, personal support, team builiding and leadership coaching are some of the main factors of its success. Our pastors and missionaries were able to return to their areas refreshed and inspired.


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